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Teresa & Mark


30 Day Project

August 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So here is the challenge! I'm going to add each day to the same blog post right here!

IMG_417130 Day Photography Challenge

Day 1 - Self Portrait

Ugh! I really dislike having my photograph taken - even worse when I have to do it myself! So after many failed phone selfies I decided to go old school and mirror!

_MG_6372Day 1 self portraitI think I look better grainy......... :)

Day 2 - What I am wearing, ok so none said I actually had to be in them right?!

Still in denial of the British Summer..........

_MG_6405Day 2


Day 3 - Clouds! Literally just got in from woork 20 minutes ago so a tad limited but here it is! 

D _MG_6408_MG_6408

Day 4 - Something green - I went for the food and drink option (always a favourite of mine!)  here is the Ying and Yang in our fridge healthy green vegetables and ......Gin! 

_MG_6409GIn and natural tonic ;)

Day 5 - After Dark - personally I prefer After Eights but hey ho! Had to wait until it went dark then trying to adjust camera settings in darkness was quite interesting! anyway! solar lights - here it is!



Day 6 - Obsession - I have many obsessions, too many to be healthy I think! However, one of my most photogenic are our 4 cats Cookie, Peper, Reggie-Lee and Toffee.  This is Reggie-Lee waiting for me to feed him Happy #Caturday!

_MG_6455Feed me!#Caturday

Day 7 - Changes to when my daughter returns to Uni in a couple of weeks her rom will be getting a make over - guess the theme!




August 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Mark and I are truly blessed that all these wonderful couples have allowed us to share and capture their special days

First Dance Sometimes the weather isn't so great but you can still have fun!


We like to capture all those special little details .......


And we always love making people smile for us!

_MG_5568_MG_5568 Most of all we love delivering the finished products and watching our couples relive the memories of their perfect days :)

Stephen and Jessica_20140712_3664Stephen and Jessica_20140712_3664

Contact us for more details!

Teresa & Mark

Tamworth LitFest Launch

February 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday March 7 2015 - Tamworth LitFest Launch day! We have authors, we have artists, we have Comic Book Guitars!


Be there at Tamworth Town Hall! We're there all day!  



It's been a while... what have you been doing?

February 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Have you been waiting around for another blog post from us?



Our 365 project should have been started when we didn't have our wedding to plan!
Best laid plans and all that..

Good news is, we have virtually everything in place now for the big event on Sunday May 3rd and it seems to be going by very, very quickly!

We both appreciate the kind comments and feedback through our various social media sites and trust we can continue to keep you interested.
May your days ahead be as happy as ours!


waiting forwaiting for


This panorama was shot with an iPhone 5 in the National Trust property at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, UK.
For those interested in discovering more about this interesting place check out

365 project, day 24 - first dates!

January 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

So, you may or not know that Mark and I are getting married in 14 weeks - hence our haphazard approach to blogging at the moment!  Panic is beginning to set in!


I thought I would take you back to a photograph I took on one of our first dates :D, it was very cold but very beautiful!


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