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IMG_417130 Day Photography Challenge

Day 1 - Self Portrait

Ugh! I really dislike having my photograph taken - even worse when I have to do it myself! So after many failed phone selfies I decided to go old school and mirror!

_MG_6372Day 1 self portraitI think I look better grainy......... :)

Day 2 - What I am wearing, ok so none said I actually had to be in them right?!

Still in denial of the British Summer..........

_MG_6405Day 2


Day 3 - Clouds! Literally just got in from woork 20 minutes ago so a tad limited but here it is! 

D _MG_6408_MG_6408

Day 4 - Something green - I went for the food and drink option (always a favourite of mine!)  here is the Ying and Yang in our fridge healthy green vegetables and ......Gin! 

_MG_6409GIn and natural tonic ;)

Day 5 - After Dark - personally I prefer After Eights but hey ho! Had to wait until it went dark then trying to adjust camera settings in darkness was quite interesting! anyway! solar lights - here it is!



Day 6 - Obsession - I have many obsessions, too many to be healthy I think! However, one of my most photogenic are our 4 cats Cookie, Peper, Reggie-Lee and Toffee.  This is Reggie-Lee waiting for me to feed him Happy #Caturday!

_MG_6455Feed me!#Caturday

Day 7 - Changes to when my daughter returns to Uni in a couple of weeks her rom will be getting a make over - guess the theme!



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Weddings! Mark and I are truly blessed that all these wonderful couples have allowed us to share and capture their special days

First Dance Sometimes the weather isn't so great but you can still have fun!


We like to capture all those special little details .......


And we always love making people smile for us!

_MG_5568_MG_5568 Most of all we love delivering the finished products and watching our couples relive the memories of their perfect days :)

Stephen and Jessica_20140712_3664Stephen and Jessica_20140712_3664

Contact us for more details!

Teresa & Mark

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Tamworth LitFest Launch Saturday March 7 2015 - Tamworth LitFest Launch day! We have authors, we have artists, we have Comic Book Guitars!


Be there at Tamworth Town Hall! We're there all day!  



(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Tamworth Tamworth LitFest Tamworth Town Hall Sun, 08 Feb 2015 16:45:19 GMT
It's been a while... what have you been doing? Have you been waiting around for another blog post from us?



Our 365 project should have been started when we didn't have our wedding to plan!
Best laid plans and all that..

Good news is, we have virtually everything in place now for the big event on Sunday May 3rd and it seems to be going by very, very quickly!

We both appreciate the kind comments and feedback through our various social media sites and trust we can continue to keep you interested.
May your days ahead be as happy as ours!


waiting forwaiting for


This panorama was shot with an iPhone 5 in the National Trust property at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, UK.
For those interested in discovering more about this interesting place check out

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365 project, day 24 - first dates! So, you may or not know that Mark and I are getting married in 14 weeks - hence our haphazard approach to blogging at the moment!  Panic is beginning to set in!


I thought I would take you back to a photograph I took on one of our first dates :D, it was very cold but very beautiful!


(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 blog first date kingsbury kingsbury water park project sunset swan tmcphotographs Sun, 25 Jan 2015 18:32:08 GMT
365 Project Day 23.. The Long View. IMG_27451IMG_27451


Scotland is quite a drive from here in The Midlands of England, but look at the view.

How is the view from the window of you home, your car or your place of work?

Let us know and feel free to post a photo on the Facebook page!


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365 Project Day 22... missed opportunities.. Okay,


so sometimes we all get caught up in other things and we forget the things we said we would do.. such as blog everyday.

Discipline and focus can be important, at this time of year many of our friends are using both to reduce weight they have accrued over the holiday period or simply to feel better during the grey winter months.

Thing is... 

somethings need priority such as loved ones or your own well being.

reach out to what ever you need to achieve it.





as always, take care of yourself and those whom you care for and have a smile on us..


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365 Project Day 21 ..Let the audience decide.. you choose Everyone has a preference for colour or black and white (monochrome) images..

So in the interests of audience participation, which do you prefer?


The original image was shot in Dovedale, Derbyshire.

Either leave a comment below or on the Facebook page please!





Have an awesome day either way and thanks for your continuing support!




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365 project day 20 - Stranger danger or an opportunity to meet new people? A few years ago I went along to Birmingham to take part in the '10 stranger' project, a group of photographers got together in a coffee shop and ur mission was to approach 10 complete strangers and ask if we could take their photo - candid shots were cheating!

Although it was quite nerve wracking at first to approach people and explain I wanted to take their photo, I met some really lovely friendly people who were most obliging! So obliging I ended up with me than our target of ten!


Here is one of them:


20120114_101 strangers_001520120114_101 strangers_0015

(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 10 strangers 365 birmingham blog portrait street photography Wed, 21 Jan 2015 19:28:02 GMT
365 Project Day 19.. Longing for Summer and How to PhotoBomb! It's the height of winter...


.. and apparently everyone is either booking their summer holidays, being very depressed about the cold weather, having a lack of post-Christmas money or being generally not-very-happy..


This is Barmouth and this is how Teresa loves to photobomb my shots when she gets a chance!

teresa barmouth photobombteresa barmouth photobomb


it's also one of many reasons why I'm so looking forward to 3rd May, this year!

If you know us, you will know why, if not.. then perhaps you should :)


Have a great day whatever you are doing and remember that your smile and sense of fun enlighten someone else.

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365 project Day 18 - Is Everything Black and White? 20120327_bbclm_002220120327_bbclm_0022


This photo was shot at The Black Country Living Museum.

The line of the footpath directs your eye to the narrowboat which is framed nicely by the arch of the bridge.  It's only when you start to look around that you start to notice the reflections in the water; the second, partially submerged boat; the textures of the wall on the left, perhaps the sign in the shadows of the arch..

The point is.. don't take daily things around you for granted, look for the beauty in every day people, objects, scenery and shapes.

It may just prompt a smile.

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Day 17 - 365 project Europa Hotel, Belfast The Europa Hotel is a four-star hotel in Great Victoria Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It has hosted presidents, prime ministers and celebrities, including President Bill Clinton during his visits to Belfast in 1995 and 1998.

It is known as the "most bombed hotel in Europe" and the "most bombed hotel in the world" after having suffered 28 bomb attacks during the Troubles.



(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 Belfast Europa Europa Hotel blog photography Sun, 18 Jan 2015 09:42:51 GMT
365 project day 16 -m Crumlin Road Gaol From the outside - which is a much nicer place to view a gaol from!


(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 Belfast Crumlin Crumlin Road Gaol History blog Fri, 16 Jan 2015 21:48:32 GMT
365 project day 15 - Victoria Square shot from almost the top of Victoria square, Belfast (I was too queasy to take one looking down from the very top!)



(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 Belfast Victoria Square Victoria Square Belfast blog photography Thu, 15 Jan 2015 22:04:20 GMT
365 project day 14 - A bit of Belfast history Crumlin Road Jail - now a tourist attraction!

Read more about the history of the prison here -

This photo is of the tunnel which runs under the main road direct from  the court house which is now standing derelict after a major fire in 2009 - read more about that here!

Allegedly.....possibly quite understandably the tunnel has the ghost of a former warden who died in the tunnel - glad the lights were on!




(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 Belfast Crumlin Road jail blog history project Wed, 14 Jan 2015 19:12:16 GMT
365 Project Day 13 - apparently it's going to snow quite a lot! You know those pictures you see all too often on social media.. expectation versus reality?

Well.. over the past two days the UK media have been warning of a snow storm hitting the whole UK with archive pictures from goodness knows when. 

Here's some Birmingham UK.. as it is.


frosty Birmingham morning 2frosty Birmingham morning 2


happy snow day ;)

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365 project day 12 - getting arty! While we were on our weekend break we paid a visit to the Ulster museum - free entry for all but donations welcomed.  What a fabulous place! Something for just about everyone of all ages and interests. 


This is a cheeky shot of a sculpture in the art gallery.........


(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Mon, 12 Jan 2015 18:57:46 GMT
365 Project Day 11.. The lines leading to Samson and Goliath So today, being our last day away, we did the whole tourist thing in freezing cold temperatures with an absolute gale blowing around us.

The large yellow structures which the rail lines lead into are now defunct shipping cranes situated in the world famous Harland & Wolff Shipyard, Belfast.

This was of particularly special interest to me as my grandfather, Joe, long since dead, worked most of his life there..


samson and goliathsamson and goliath

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365 Project Day 10! This is low light A low light with a struggle but it is worth it.

The green lines were the signal sent from the Titanic after hitting the iceberg, it works as a light show, scrolling across the walls and floor.

To the right is the transcript..makes the 'story' very, very real.

sos from Titanicsos from Titanic

(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 blog photography Sun, 11 Jan 2015 22:00:32 GMT
365 Project Day 9... RoadTrip! So, you may have noticed we fell behind already, but hey!, we were on a mini holiday in Belfast..

titanic entrancetitanic entrance


This is the entrance to The Titanic Experience!

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365 project Day 8 and a special one! The wedding invites I designed arrived today!


but you can't see what they look like because it's a secret until they go out to all those lovely special people in our lives..

Until then here's a nice photo of to keep you happy :)




Have a great few days and we will continue this project soon due to a mini break ;)



Mark & Teresa



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365 Day 7.. a city of blue I've lived here now for nearly four years...

and I've found that many people have a very mis-concieved perception of Birmingham UK as ac city and its people, especially the 'infamous Brummie accent'. 

The truth about this vibrant city is very different.



Within the past few months it has been named as a TOP destination in the world to visit. 

Forget the things you have heard that have put you off visiting and come see for yourself..



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365 project day 6 - Wedding planning! So after a hard days work we will be getting stuck into the wedding planning this evening!




(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Tue, 06 Jan 2015 18:48:13 GMT
365 project day 5 Day 5 - All the Christmas decorations are gone and the house feels big again! Not quite as big as the wine glass my brother bought me for Christmas though.....what is he trying to say?!! ;)


(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 365 project blog photography tmcphotographs wine wine glass Mon, 05 Jan 2015 18:29:45 GMT
365 project day 4 It's very nice to see our famously anti-social cat Pepper back in the house after snubbing us for having visitors over Christmas!



(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Sun, 04 Jan 2015 19:01:48 GMT
365 Day 3.. and a busy day it was! Studio Shoot Today...


In the studio today we had Lucy, the shoot was a birthday present from her parents and this is our special present to her..

lucy 19lucy 19


Happy Birthday Lucy! 

(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Sat, 03 Jan 2015 20:48:12 GMT
2/365 Diet? What diet?

The last of the Christmas cookies - only the mine pies, chocolates, profiteroles and sweets left to go.......



(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 a year in photos blog cookies photography project tmcphotographs Fri, 02 Jan 2015 17:31:05 GMT
1/365 Day 1 of our year long challenge and Happy New Year to you all!

This demonstrates our epic failure of seeing the New Year in with a bang - tired and full of cold, the champagne remains unopened! 

Although we had a beautiful meal and a very lovely evening, it would have been a waste of good bubbly when the taste buds were not quite there!




(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 blog photography tmcphotographs Thu, 01 Jan 2015 17:21:54 GMT
Challenge accepted! So, here we are, on the cusp of a New Year.  We could make and break some resolutions, we could lose that niggling half a stone (and be bloody miserable) or we could embark upon on a new challenge! 


Mark had an idea!


Its not a new idea BUT it's a good one! 


Yes, we are taking up the challenge of the 'Year in photo's', to take a new photo for every single day of the year

Watch here for daily updates! Some days, may be a pair of old socks, some days will have spectacular landscapes! Some may just have people being silly! The main point is that every day, as in life, will be different!

(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) 365 Blog Mark Carlisle Photography TMCphotographs Teresa Carleton a year in photos challenge Wed, 31 Dec 2014 12:29:36 GMT
Going 'Old School' A new project......



IMG_0104bCanon 300 Stepping into the unknown with film



 The last film camera I had and used was a Canon Sureshot around 12 years ago before I discovered the wonderful world of digital 'take as many as you like', I was like a kid in a candy store! 

So!!!! Why buy a film SLR now when I have all this technology at my fingertips?  

1. A challenge - how will I cope with setting it up for that one shot? Manual settings and focusing? 

2. Exciting! - Taking 36 shots and not knowing how they look until I finish the roll and wait for it to be processed, it's like the anticipation of Christmas!

3. Peer pressure....yep, peer pressure!! I know quite a few photographers, all of whom have used and are adept at film work, I feel that if I can master this then I can call myself a 'proper' photographer, I want to learn how to get those perfect shots without the aid of automated settings and editing software, so here goes!

Day one!

So I have bought the camera Canon 300 - see above photo!  I am using Fujifilm AS400, quite honestly because it was the most recommended for a good value price, I should get quite a nice grain to the finished results....apparently!

It took me 3 attempts to load the film...I have a bad feeling about this...........O_o

All loaded up and no 'live view' to reassure me, I set up my (still life) subject and played with the settings until I felt confident I wouldn't get a black screen!  Part pressing the shutter down to check the settings without actually taking a shot requires remarkable self control I discovered.  When I finally pressed that button down the camera made a wonderful 'Thwunck!' noise followed by the reassuring sound of the film winding on.  I took 3 shots before I remembered I only have 33 more to take....I need to think about my usage carefully!!

Results and learning curves to be blogged as I go along!!!


(TMCPHOTOGRAPHS.CO.UK) Canon Film Learning curve" "Canon 300" Photography old school Wed, 08 Jan 2014 20:15:50 GMT
Change, not for the sake of it.. 20120811_NationalTrust_0020Been Busy...

GUEST BLOG: @markaaronc

As a first entry to the blog for this site, Teresa has asked me to get the ball rolling!

I will start of with site updates which we have implemented.

Quite a few tweaks have taken place today, both with the overall look but also with navigation and the start of re-organising the huge number of galleries.  In the event you can't find photos, tagging has begun and you will find a 'search' facility at the top of each page.

These will make photos even easier to find and purchase! 

The whole site is geared towards you, so the feedback you give is very welcome. Use the comments sections below please.

As for me, my name is Mark.

My photography has been pretty much limited to smartphone but has always been a massive passion. Do I consider myself a photographer?

Not yet.

All the photos I have taken where always for my eye, you see, I believe photography to be the most subjective of any media.
Passion of opinion on whether a photo is 'good, great or awesome' is as strong as those who voice the opposite.
With the explosion of social media, photography has become a true media for the masses.

A photo has become a 1 second view before clicking or swiping to the next one.

The aim of this site and especially what Teresa is doing is to bring back the 'specialness' of a photo, because that's what makes it...




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